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Teamwork and coordination are necessary for soccer, one of the world’s most popular sports. When it comes to promoting unity among players during practice or a match, soccer bibs play a necessary role. GripSport, located in South Africa, has established itself as a quality wholesale supplier of soccer equipment. With a commitment to providing top-quality soccer products at competitive wholesale prices.

Wide Range

GripSport enhances a diverse range of soccer bibs to fulfill the unique needs of different teams. Whether you need reversible bibs, open-sided bibs, or closed-end bibs, GripSport has you covered. Enhance your soccer sports purchase of premium quality wholesale soccer equipment in bulk quantity.

Quality Materials

GripSport uses top-quality materials for its soccer bibs, ensuring durability, comfort, and breathability. The focus of the player can be focused on the game without being hindered by uncomfortable clothing.


GripSport offers customization options, allowing schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, and academies to design soccer bibs that reflect their identity and team spirit. From colors and logos to sizes and numbers, the possibilities are endless. Our manufacturing team specializes in this and uses quality materials that serve you for a long time.

For Institutions

GripSport focuses on the target audience of schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, and academies. We deal with us and our satisfied customers because of our premium quality products. Our sports products offer you affordable wholesale prices with quality products. Because we don’t compromise with the quality. Join us and become our trusted business partner.

Customer satisfaction

GripSport’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond just delivering quality soccer bibs. Our best customer support team is always ready to help clients choose the perfect bibs and ensure a smooth ordering process. With GripSport, clients can expect a tension-free experience from start to finish.