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A trophy serves as an enduring symbol of accomplishment and hard work, whether in sports or academics. Trophies and medals manufactured by GripSport are among the best in South Africa with a wide range of options and a commitment to delivering top-quality custom trophies at wholesale prices.

Custom Trophies Collection

GripSport offers you a diverse and huge selection of custom trophies to fulfil various needs and occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a championship victory, academic excellence, or a special achievement, GripSport has the perfect trophy to suit your requirements. Some of our top-quality trophies include:

Grip Metal Trophy

Grip Plastic Trophy

Grip Cricket Trophy

Grip Running Trophy

Netball-Basketball-Volleyball Trophy

Customization Option

While our catalogue includes a huge collection of standard trophies, we understand that some events call for a unique touch. Our expert manufacturers can create custom trophies based on your specific needs, ensuring that your award ceremony is truly special. To get your custom trophies according to your special needs, contact us and get your trophies now in bulk quantity at wholesale rates.

For Institutions

GripSport mainly deals with schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs and academies. They are our regular and satisfied customers because they know we don’t compromise on quality and offer quality products. From soccer to rugby, cricket to athletics, GripSport provides wholesale trophies for all major sports. Our sports trophies are manufactured with attention to detail, capturing the essence of the game and the spirit of competition.