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Welcome to, your trusted wholesale business partner in South Africa that provides you with the best quality martial arts accessories. GripSport is a professional wholesale martial arts supplier and a leading martial arts manufacturer and distributor. Our professional manufacturing team made custom martial accessories according to your needs.

Our Focus On Target and Quality Work

We are very professional in our work to provide you with quality products. Our manufacturing team is very knowledgeable. We have lots of satisfied customers that receive their quality product and they are very happy with us. Gripsport mainly targets schools, colleges, sport clubs, universities and sport academies. We provide quality wholesale martial arts products in bulk at affordable prices. Our team is really proud to work with these trusted institutions.

Wholesale Martial Arts Supplier and Distributor

We are the best wholesale martial arts supplier and distributor that provides affordable quality products in South Africa. Grips. Our main concentration on wholesale allows us to provide you with competitive prices without compromising on quality. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help you, whether you’re a school, college, university, sports club, or academy.

Gripspost provides you with wider martial arts quality equipment’s that fulfill your martial arts accessories needs. We handle bulk orders efficiently and promptly because we understand the demands of bulk orders. Our goal is to support your organization’s success by providing you with the best martial arts accessories available in the market.

Martial Arts Manufactures & Collection

GripSport offers a wide range of martial arts accessories, and our manufacturing team makes quality custom martial arts with durable quality materials that meet your quality standards.

Custom Martial Arts 

We understand that every martial arts practitioner has unique requirements and preferences when it comes to uniforms, shoes, and belts. That’s why we are professional manufacturers in creating custom martial arts uniforms, custom martial arts belts, Grip Karate Shoes or any custom martial arts gear for you that are perfectly suited for you. In order to ensure that every martial arts suit meets the highest level of quality, durability, and aesthetics, our expert designers and manufacturers pay ultracareful attention to detail.

Martial Arts Accessories

Gripsorts have a wider range of Martial Art accessories, all of our martial arts products are very high quality. There are some very basic martial art accessories like martial art shoes, martial art suits, martial art belts, judo suits, grip karate mitts grip fight shin pads, Grip Karate Mitts, opro mouthguards, karate suits, Grip Jitsu Suits, and many others. We will provide you with custom martial arts accessories for your requirements and size. Our wholesale martial arts supplies provide you with affordable prices on bulk orders and quality products.

Reliable Partners

Deal with us in bulk and become our trusted partners and work with our professional manufacturing team. We will also provide you with a reliable and fastest delivery system in South Africa that will provide the products to you in a given time period.

Your Trusted Business Partner

We are committed to fostering strong and long-lasting partnerships with schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, and sports academies. Deal with the best martial arts suppliers and distributors in South Africa. Gripsport is a very trusted business partner in South Africa. Our smooth processes ensure quick delivery and excellent customer service despite the unique requirements of bulk orders. While staying within your budget, our team works hard to satisfy the needs of your students or members.

Fast And Secure Delivery

We know the importance of receiving your Martial Arts equipment with in time. The GripSport delivery system is very quick and secure. Due to our partnerships with trusted shipping carriers, we can provide you with fast and trustworthy delivery services throughout the country. With us, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free ordering process to make sure your order is packaged cautiously and shipped quickly, so you can get your hands on the gear you need right away.