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Welcome to, your professional wholesale leisure wear supplier that provides you with top-quality leisurewear in South Africa. As an expert manufacturer, we create custom leisure wear very professionally that meets your quality. Gripsport is the best leisure wear manufacturer in the South African country that provides you with the best wholesale prices.

Focused Targeting and Satisfied Customers

Gripsport provides quality work that’s why we have lots of happy and satisfied customers. Because we do not compromise with the quality of the product. GripSport offers you the best wholesale prices with excellent leisure wear quality items. We mainly focus and target the schools, colleges, sport clubs, sport academies, and universities in South Africa. 

Wholesale Leisure Wear Supplier and Distributor

GripSpot is a professional leisure wear supplier and distributor in South Africa with affordable prices for its originations. We are committed to providing you with quality products at affordable prices. It is our mission to fulfill the leisure wear needs of your organization. Become your trusted wholesale business partner. Join our gripsport family and become our trusted partner and work with our professional manufacturers and leisure wear suppliers.

Leisure Wear Collection & Manufacturers

GripSport owns a huge collection of leisure wear that comes with the best quality. We also made custom leisure wear clothes like Winter, Summer, and many other collections. Here are some sub-category of leisure wear.

  • Caps
  • Summer
  • T-shirts
  • Track Suite
  • Winter

Custom Leisure Wear Design also provides you with custom leisure wear products of amazing quality. Our manufacturers provide you with quality custom leisure wear products in bulk orders like custom caps, custom t shirts, custom tracksuits, custom outdoor hats, and many other wearing products. We are the best wholesale cap suppliers, t shirts and other clothing suppliers. If you want quality custom leisure wearing products then Gripsport is the best choice and place for you.

Wholesale Leisure Wear Accessories

GripSport has a wider collection of leisure wear products that meet your quality and requirements. We have lots of quality products and also provide you with custom products at wholesale prices. There are some leisure wear collections that we mentioned like caps, Grip bennies, hly sweaters, hly hoodies, Men’s gym singlets, Kessra Jac Golfer Shirt, Grip Plain Caps, Fishing Hat, and t-shirts. If you want custom then you will get all the leisure wear products like custom t shirt, custom tracksuit, and other mentioned product.

Place Orders and Vip Service

GripSport deals with bulk orders at affordable wholeprices in South Africa. Our leisure wear quality is really durable and comfortable for everyone. GripSport customer service is very professional, user friendly and provides you with 24/7 support.

Bulk Leisure Wear Orders

Gripsport deals with bulk orders and we know how to efficiently manage all of these bulk orders. We have a professional team that manages leisure wear bulk orders. We provide you with wholesale t-shirt suppliers, wholesale cap suppliers, custom tracksuits wholesale and many others. We are one of the best bulk t-shirt suppliers in South Africa at affordable wholesale prices.

Get the Best Customer Support

GripSport provides VIP customer support to their business partners. Our customer support service team is very professional and knowledgeable in answering every question that comes to mind. Feel free to ask any questions related to the products. Discuss wholesale prices with our team. Join our family and be a part of our trusted business partners.