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Welcome to Gripsport, your reliable wholesale supplier and top-quality hockey equipment manufacturer in South Africa. As professional manufacturers and distributors of custom sports products,  we aim to cover the whole continent.

Hockey Equipment Wholesale

These are some of our wholesale hockey kits and gear listed below:

Agility Ladder

Agility Hurdles

Hockey Ball Dimple

Flat Cones

Hockey Coaching Board

Hockey Goalie Kit

Hockey Goalie Stick

Quality Of Custom Hockey Gear

As a top hockey equipment manufacturer in South Africa, our main focus is providing quality custom hockey gear. We use the best materials for manufacturing to ensure durability, strength, and excellent performance. Our hockey equipment wholesale is very good to resist the rigors of gameplay, because of its fantastic quality.

Custom Hockey kit

At Gripsport, we are professionals in the field of sports and we know that each player has a unique playing ability, with a special playing style and preferences. That’s why we provide you with a broader range of custom hockey kits and gear to fulfil your individual needs. Our professional manufacturing team carefully make each hockey stick, ball and other types of equipment ensuring the quality of the product that provides your team high performance on the playing field.

Targeted Audience

Our main goal is to provide schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs and academies with quality hockey equipment wholesale in bulk quantities. We deal with a lot of institutions to empower youth in sports activities. Join us and become a part of our community.

Order now and join our professional and trusted GripSport family. Get VIP customer support and fast and trusted delivery. Feel free to contact us for our customer service that completely satisfies you and answers every question.