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In the dynamic world of combat sports like Boxing and MMA, having the right gear and accessories is essential to ensure optimal performance and safety. GripSport, is South Africa’s leading supplier of wholesale boxing equipment. GripSport is the right choice to purchase wholesale boxing and MMA accessories with full customization options.

Wide Range Of Wholesale Accessories

These are some of the highlighted wholesale boxing equipment and accessories listed below:

Boxing Gloves

 The cornerstone of any boxer’s arsenal, our boxing gloves are engineered for comfort, protection, and performance. Choose from different types of styles, weights, and sizes to find the perfect fit.

MMA Gloves

For MMA lovers, our MMA gloves provide the flexibility and grip needed for grappling and striking. We also made custom leather MMA gloves. These gloves offer optimal hand protection without compromising on mobility. 

Protective Gear

Safety is paramount in combat sports. Explore our range of headgear, shin guards, mouthguards, and more, designed to shield you from impact during training and bouts.

Training Equipment

Take your boxing and MMA training to the next level with our selection of punching bags, focus mitts, and agility equipment. Develop speed, power, and precision with accessories trusted by professionals.

Boxing Shorts

Step into the ring in style with our high-quality apparel range like boxing shorts, and boxing vests. From comfortable training wear to stylish fight apparel, GripSport has you covered inside and outside the gym.

Our Main Target

With a huge collection and the ability to create custom boxing & MMA accessories, GripSport is the partner you need to gear up for success. Our main target is to provide wholesale sports products to schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, or academies at discounted rates in South Africa. GripSport has everything you need to enhance your combat sports journey.

Quality & Durability

Boxing and MMA  sports demand gear that can withstand rigorous training sessions and intense competitions. GripSport’s accessories are made with precision and use top-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. You can trust our wholesale boxing equipment to hold up under the most demanding circumstances.


Stand out in the ring with custom boxing accessories designed by GripSport’s professional manufacturing team. Whether it’s personalized boxing gloves, unique boxing apparel, or specialized equipment, we can bring your vision to life. Your brand, your style – we make it possible.

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