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Welcome to Gripsport, We are one of the leading suppliers of top-quality Wholesale boxing equipment and MMA Products in South Africa. As a trusted custom boxing and MMA equipment manufacturer and distributor, we feel really proud to provide a wide range of quality sports products.

Boxing & MMA Collection

Visit our wider Boxing and MMA accessories at Gripsport and place your bulk order and get affordable wholesale prices. There are some mentioned subcategories of Boxing & MMA below:

Custom Designs

The equipment you use should be tailored to your individual style and preferences since every athlete is different. That’s why we are very professional in creating custom boxing equipment in South Africa. Personalize your gear to reflect your brand and personality with our customization options. We don’t compromise on quality, that’s why our wholesale boxing equipment and MMA accessories are the best in South Africa.

Discounts For Institutions And Clubs

Schools, colleges, and universities have unique Boxing and MMA accessories needs, and we understand the importance of catering to them. On the other hand, as you know, sports academies and clubs play a very important and basic role in nurturing young talent and promoting physical fitness and that’s why we have put discounts on bulk purchasing.

Customer Support

We have a professional and excellent customer support team. Our team is here 24/7 to solve every query related to the products and their pricing. We mainly deal in bulk and provide a quantity of wholesale boxing equipment at wholesale rates.